Preparing content for recognition

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Aspose.OCR for JavaScript via C++ provides a standardized way to prepare your content for OCR. Scanned page, photo, image URL, or ZIP archive is loaded to WasmAsposeOCRInput object.

Multiple WasmAsposeOCRInput objects are encapsulated into WasmAsposeOCRInputs sequence container allowing you to easily process a single image or a large number of images (for example, pages from an auto-feed scanner) with a single API call. Each content object is added to the collection using push_back() method.

Path to the content is provided in the url property of a WasmAsposeOCRInput object. The following code example shows how to prepare a file, uploaded by the user via an input field, for recognition:

// Initialize file reader
const reader = new FileReader();
// Get image from the user
const file =[0];
// Process image
reader.onload = function(e) {
	// Write image file to the temporary storage
	const fileData = new Uint8Array(;
	let filename =;
	let stream =, "w+");
	Module.FS.write(stream, fileData, 0, fileData.length, 0);
	// Load image to Aspose.OCR object
	var source = Module.WasmAsposeOCRInput();
	source.url = filename;
	// Initialize the collection of files
	var content = new Module.WasmAsposeOCRInputs();
	// Add the image to content collection