Aspose.OMR for Java is a commercially licensed product that can be used in trial (evaluation) mode.

Free trial

You can start using Aspose.OMR for Java right after the installation without providing a license. The package will work in trial mode, which allows you to design, generate, and recognize machine-readable forms. However, the following restrictions apply:

  • A watermark is added to print forms generated by Aspose.OMR for Java.
  • Only the first 5 elements of the template source are rendered on print forms. The remaining elements are ignored.
  • Only the first 5 answers are recognized on the filled forms. The remaining answers are ignored.

Apply a license to remove the restrictions.

Getting a temporary license

A temporary license removes all limitations of the trial version for 30 days. Use it to start building a fully functional OMR application and make the final decision to purchase Aspose.OMR for Java later.

To request a temporary license, visit “Get a Temporary License” page.

Purchasing a license

Aspose.OMR for Java is licensed either by the number of developers and locations (sites) where the products will be used (Developer and Site licenses).

Read License Types for details and purchase a license that best suits your needs.

Applying a license

After receiving a purchased or temporary license, load it in your application’s code.

Licensing multiple Aspose products

  • Even if you have a single license file for all Aspose products (such as Aspose.Total), you still need to apply the license separately to each Aspose product you are using in your application.
  • Each Aspose product has a License class in its namespace. Use the fully qualified License class name when applying licenses to each product to avoid ambiguity.