Supported file formats

Template sources

Aspose.OMR for Java supports a specialized markup language for designing OMR forms. Form layout is provided in a lightweight text markup language specifically tailored for describing machine-readable forms. It is content-focused, with minimal number of tags or formatting instructions.

The forms can be customized by adding images, such as logos or photos. The images are provided in the following formats:

Format Details
JPEG A widely used format for digital images. Small file size, but image quality may be slightly reduced due to lossy compression.
PNG An open, extensible image format with lossless compression.

Printable forms

Once the template source code is ready, you can generate a printable form from it. Aspose.OMR for Java creates 2 files for each form:

File Details
{form name}.PNG Printable form image in Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) format.
{form name}.OMR A recognition pattern used by Aspose.OMR recognition engine, in a special .OMR format (JSON-based).

Filled forms

Aspose.OMR for Java can recognize scanned or photographed form images:

Extension Details
.JPG JPEG, the most popular format for smartphone photos.
.PNG Portable Network Graphics.

Recognition results

Recognition results are returned in the most popular data storage formats that can be imported into any popular database or analysis system:

Format Details
JSON A popular open standard format for describing nested data structures. Best suited for NoSQL databases or web.
CSV A lightweight text format that uses a comma to separate values. Best suited for spreadsheet applications and relational databases.