Key Features of Aspose.PDF

General Features

  • Aspose.PDF for Android via Java supports any mobile device that runs the Java runtime including
  • API offers 40-bit or 128-bit encryption

Supported PDF versions

Aspose.PDF for Android via Java supports PDF versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.


  • 14 core fonts.
  • PostScript Type1 fonts.
  • TrueType fonts.
  • Type 3 fonts.
  • Font information embedding into PDF
  • CJK fonts.
  • Unicode support.


  • Replace text.
  • Extract text (from the entire PDF, a particular page, or a range of pages).
  • Add text.


  • Different shapes of graphs, such as line, circle, arc, and curve are supported.
  • Graphs can be drawn on any page location specified by coordinates.
  • Graphs can be rotated, scaled, or filled, and dash and poly-dash line styles can be defined.
  • Graphs are drawn based on coordinates and have obsolete position rather than relative.
  • CMYK and Gray color spaces are supported.


  • Add image in PDF file.
  • Delete images.
  • Replace images.
  • Extract images (from the entire PDF, a particular page, or a range of pages).
  • PDF to JPEG conversion (particular page or all pages).
  • PDF to TIFF conversion (single page or all pages, or to Pixelated TIFF Images ).
  • PDF to PNG conversion (particular page or all pages).
  • PDF to BMP conversion (particular page or all pages).
  • PDF to SVG conversion.
  • PDF to EMF conversion.
  • PDF to GIF conversion.


  • Add attachment.
  • Get attachments.
  • Delete attachments.
  • Get attachment information.
  • Modify attachments.


  • Get and set page properties.
  • Concatenate PDF files.
  • Insert PDF pages.
  • Append PDF files.
  • Delete PDF pages
  • Extract or insert PDF pages
  • Make NUp of PDF.
  • Make Booklet of PDF.
  • Split PDF pages (from first, to end, to bulk, to individual pages).


  • Get document viewer properties.
  • Set document viewer properties.
  • Get page display properties.
  • Set page display properties.
  • Get PDF file information.
  • Set PDF file information.
  • Linearization (optimization for the web).
  • Set XMP metadata.
  • Get XMP metadata.
  • PDF to DOC/DOCX conversion.
  • PDF to Excel XLS and XLSX
  • PDF to HTML conversion.
  • PDF to XPS conversion.
  • PDF to Tex conversion.
  • PDF to PDF-A.
  • PDF to PDF/A_1b.
  • PDF to PDF/A_3b.
  • PDF to PDF/A_3a.
  • PDF to PDF/A_2a.
  • PDF to PDF/A_3U.
  • Create PDF/A-3 and attach XML file.


  • Add bookmarks.
  • Add child bookmarks.
  • Delete bookmarks.
  • Get bookmarks.
  • Update bookmarks
  • Expanded bookmarks
  • Export and import bookmarks.


  • Add annotations.
  • Get annotations.
  • Delete annotations.
  • Modify annotations.
  • Import and export annotations.


  • Add fields.
  • Fill fields.
  • Get option button values.
  • Get option button current Value.
  • Get form field facade (the field’s visual attributes).
  • Delete field.
  • Move field to new location.
  • Flatten fields (a particular field or all).
  • Decorate Fields (a particular field or all fields of a particular type).
  • Copy inner and outer field.
  • Add and delete list item.
  • Set submission URL.
  • Set button script.
  • Import and export XML.
  • Import and export FDF.
  • Import and export XFDF.

Stamp and Watermark

  • Add text stamp (on all pages, or on particular pages).
  • Add image stamp (on all pages, or on particular pages).
  • Add PDF page stamp (on all pages, or on particular pages).
  • Add page number.
  • Add text to header and footer.
  • Add image to header and footer.
  • Create application link.
  • Create local link.
  • Create JavaScript link.
  • Create document additional action.
  • Remove document open action.
  • Create PDF document link.

Security and Signatures

  • Encrypt and decrypt PDF.
  • Set document privileges.
  • Modify passwords.
  • Add or remove digital signature.
  • Verify PDF is signed.
  • Verify signature is valid.


  • Print PDF to default printer.
  • Print PDF to a specified printer.
  • Print PDF to physical or virtual printer.
  • Print PDF to XPS printer.
  • Print PDF to XPS file.
  • Hide print dialog while printing PDF.


  • Get build version information.
  • Changing Color Space of PDF Document
  • Add drawing with transparent Color