Update Page Dimensions in PHP

Aspose.PDF - Update Page Dimensions

To update page Dimensions using Aspose.PDF Java for PHP, simply invoke UpdatePageDimensions class.

PHP Code

# Open the target document
$pdf = new Document($dataDir . 'input1.pdf');

# get page collection
$page_collection = $pdf->getPages();

# get particular page
$pdf_page = $page_collection->get_Item(1);

# set the page size as A4 (11.7 x 8.3 in) and in Aspose.PDF, 1 inch = 72 points
# so A4 dimensions in points will be (842.4, 597.6)

# save the newly generated PDF file
$pdf->save($dataDir . "output.pdf");

print "Dimensions updated successfully!" . PHP_EOL;

Download Running Code

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