Working with Forms

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Forms are files with areas for users to select or fill out information for the purpose of collecting and storing information.

AcroForms are PDF files that contain form fields. Data can be entered into these fields (manually or through an automated process) by the end-users or the author of the form. Internally AcroForms are annotations or fields applied to a PDF document.

In this section describes a quick and simple approach to programmatically completing a PDF document through the use of the Aspose.PDF. The section also discusses how one might go about using the Aspose.PDF for Java to discover and map the fields available within an existing PDF with AcroForms. Also, you will learn how to work with XFA - another technology for the presentation forms based on XML.

  • AcroForms - create form, fill form field, extract data from form, modifing fields in your PDF with Java library.
  • XFA Forms - fill XFA fields, convert XFA, get XFA fields properties.