Extract Table from PDF Document

Extract Table from PDF

Extracting tables from PDFs using Python can be incredibly useful for data extraction and analysis. With the Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET Library, you can efficiently work with tables embedded in PDF documents for various data-related tasks.

    import aspose.pdf as ap

    # Load source PDF document
    pdf_document = ap.Document(input_file)
    for page in pdf_document.pages:
        absorber = ap.text.TableAbsorber()
        for table in absorber.table_list:
            for row in table.row_list:
                for cell in row.cell_list:
                    text_fragment_collection = cell.text_fragments
                    for fragment in text_fragment_collection:
                        txt = ""
                        for seg in fragment.segments:
                            txt += seg.text