Setting up Reporting Services

Service Account:

Be sure to understand what service account you are using for Reporting Services. If we run into issues, it may be related to the service account you are using. The default is Network Service. When we go to deploy new builds, we always use Domain Accounts, because that is where we are likely to hit issues. For this instance of server, we have used a Domain Account called RSService.


Image1:- Setting-up service account

Web Service URL:


We need to create the Reporting Services Catalog Database. This can be placed on any SQL 2008 or SQL 2008 R2 Database Engine. SQL11 would work ok as well, but that is still in BETA. This action will create two databases, ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB, by default.

For the credentials, this is how the Report Server will communicate with the SQL Server. Whatever account you select, will be given certain rights within the Catalog database as well as a few of the system databases via the RSExecRole. MSDB is one of these database for Subscription usage as we make use of SQL Agent.


Image7:- Setting up Report Server database credentials

Report Manager URL:

We can skip the Report Manager URL as it isn’t used when we are in SharePoint Integrated mode. SharePoint is our frontend. Report Manager doesn’t work.

Encryption Keys: