Create PSD or PSB Image From Scratch using Java

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To create a PSD or PSB file from scratch using Aspose.PSD for Java, follow these steps:

  • Import Necessary Classes: Import the required classes from the Aspose.PSD library.

  • Specify Output File Name and Path: Define the name and path for the output PSD or PSB file.

  • Create PSD Image: Instantiate a new PSD image with the desired dimensions.

  • Add Regular PSD Layer: Add a regular layer to the PSD image and update it using the graphic API.

  • Create Text Layer: Add a text layer to the PSD image with the desired text content and position.

  • Apply Effects: If desired, apply effects such as drop shadow to the text layer.

  • Save PSD File: Save the created PSD image to the specified output file.

  • Please note that the Aspose.PSD library must be installed and correctly configured in your Java environment for these steps to work. Refer to the official Aspose.PSD documentation for detailed installation and usage instructions.

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