Aspose.Slides for .NET 19.11 Release Notes

Key Summary Category
SLIDESNET-39130 Improve handling of embedded OLE objects in Presentation Feature
SLIDESNET-41340 Chart become image on cloning shape Enhancement
SLIDESNET-41401 Text get overlapped in generated shape thumbnail Enhancement
SLIDESNET-39330 Accessing embedded files Bug
SLIDESNET-41474 Chart legend issue after conversion to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-41492 On conversion to PPTX the code throws an exception Bug
SLIDESNET-41428 Converting PPTX to PNG generates improper PNG in a multithreaded environment Bug
SLIDESNET-39874 Updating OLE Data using OpenMcdf results in corrupted OLE frame Bug
SLIDESNET-41402 Setting chart data label from chart workbook not working Bug
SLIDESNET-41430 Text in exported HTML is misplaced Bug
SLIDESNET-41236 Metafile text rasterization wrong when the unrelated external font was used Bug
SLIDESNET-41120 Text is not getting autofit inside the shape Bug
SLIDESNET-36221 Embedded objects failed to edit in Aspose.Slides saved presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-41162 Equation text overlap in generated HTML Thumbnails Bug
SLIDESNET-41386 Exception on loading PPT in Linux environment Bug
SLIDESNET-41448 Exception on reading workbook Bug
SLIDESNET-41437 Error message on loading saved presentation in PowerPoint Bug
SLIDESNET-41375 SVG not properly generated from PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-41468 Images improperly rendered in generated thumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-41470 Aspose.Slides is corrupting OLE links Bug
SLIDESNET-41400 Category removing operation not working Bug
SLIDESNET-41436 Custom tags are not getting removed from the presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-41355 PptxReadException on loading presentation Bug
SLIDESNET-40893 The text is rendered on the wrong position in generated HTML Bug
SLIDESNET-41413 Pattern fill for a table cell is ignored in exported SVG Bug
SLIDESNET-39976 Wrong font color when importing text Bug
SLIDESNET-41157 EMF images not converted to JPEG Bug
SLIDESNET-41148 Images are missing in exported PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-41418 NullReferenceException while trying to get portion coordinates Bug
SLIDESNET-41423 PPTX not properly converted to PDF in Linux Bug
SLIDESNET-41424 PPTX not properly converted to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-41227 Bold text (Frutiger font) not exported as expected to PDF Bug
SLIDESNET-41391 Wrong size of chart titles Bug
SLIDESNET-41429 ConnectionSiteIndex values for CalloutWedgeEllipse are incorrect Bug

Public API Changes

Obsolete methods AddFromSvg have been deleted

Methods IPPImage AddFromSvg(string svgContent) and IPPImage AddFromSvg(string svgContent, IExternalResourceResolver externalResResolver, string baseUri) have been removed from ImageCollection class and corresponding IImageCollection interface.

Please use method AddImage(ISvgImage svgImage) instead.