Shrink Space

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In addition to spacing & scaling factors you may use ShrinkSpace configuration setting. It allow to control how to remove spacings between (and inside) report elements.

There are several modes of shrinking space. Below is the description of the modes.

None. Space shrinking will be disabled and never used. This is default setting. Soft. In this mode space is shrinked around some elements with dynamic height (subreports or/and tables with dynamically hidden rows). Hard. This is the most aggressive shrink spacing mode. Spacings are removed in all places where possible, using following settings:

  • Soft mode is applied
  • PageBreaksMode is set to DontBreakTables
    • IgnoreDesignedRowHeight (see below) is set to True
  • AllowAutoFit (see below) is set to True;

To change the shrink space factor option, add the following lines to the element corresponding to a particular renderer:

<Extension Name="AWDOC" Type="Aspose.Words.ReportingServices.DocRenderer,Aspose.Words.ReportingServices">
    <ShrinkSpace>Hard</ ShrinkSpace >