Generate Barcodes with Aspose.BarCode APIs in C++

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Generate Barcodes in C++ Applications

Developers can generate barcode images on the back end programmatically rather than just showing them on Windows or WebForms. This requirement can be because of the following reasons:

  • Developers need to generate barcode images and then save to the database
  • Developers have to store barcode images to some other location after creating them at runtime
  • Developers want to integrate barcode generation feature to some other application

There can be plenty of other reasons for working with barcodes on the back end which depend upon the developer’s requirements. Aspose.BarCode provides a Non-GUI based class, BarcodeGenerator that serves the purpose. Developers can create an instance of this class, set some properties and then save the barcode image to any location according to their customized settings. Please, review the example below to have a better idea.