DataBar Limited


DataBar Limited is a fixed-length barcode type that supports encoding selected Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) that start with 0 or 1.

Usage Scenarios

This barcode type does not support omnidirectional scanning and thus does not apply to retail point-of-sale operational tasks. It allows producing very compact labels and is suitable for applications in which the placement area is strictly limited, e.g. marking very small loose products (vegetables, fruits, or cosmetics).


Encoding Character Set

Numerical digits (0-9) are supported for encoding.

Barcode Structure

The structure includes the following elements:

  • Left guard pattern (narrow space, narrow bar)
  • Left data character
  • Check digit
  • Right data character
  • Right guard pattern (narrow space, narrow bar, wide space)

The first digit serves as a flag to specify whether this barcode will be utilized as a part of a composite barcode. The remaining 13 digits are used as data characters. The height of a barcode should be at least 10 modules. Data characters have a width of 26 modules including 7 bars and 7 spaces with a check character of 18 modules in between that also comprises 7 bars and 7 spaces. Quiet zones are not required.

Size Dimensions

DataBar Limited barcodes consist of 46 bars and spaces including 74 modules in total.

Encoding Capacity and Data Density

This barcode type allows encoding 14-digit numerical data streams.

Checksum Controls

DataBar Limited barcodes include a check digit calculated using the modulo 89 algorithm.

Advantages and Limitations

This DataBar specification is not intended for retail point-of-sale scanning. Its main advantage is high compactness, which can be useful in applications with strict space limitations.

How to Generate and Read DataBar Limited Barcodes

Generation Code Samples

Recognition Code Samples