DataBar Omnidirectional / Stacked Omnidirectional


DataBar Omnidirectional and DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional barcode types allow encoding 14-digit numerical data streams. They support encoding Global Coupon Number (GCN) and selected Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) formats, i.e., GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, and GTIN-14.

If GCN or GTIN contains less than 14 digits, zeros are appended to the left side of the input message so that 14 characters are encoded in total.

Examples DataBar Omnidirectional DataBar Omnidirectional Stacked
DataBar Omnidirectional Barcode DataBar Omnidirectional Barcode

Usage Scenarios

These barcode types have been introduced to facilitate retail point-of-sale operational tasks and are widely used to label various items that are difficult to mark, e.g. fresh food products, hardware, and jewelry.


Encoding Character Set

Numerical digits (0-9) can be encoded.

Barcode Structure

DataBar Omnidirectional

Barcodes consist of the following elements:

  • Left guard pattern (narrow space, narrow bar)
  • Left pair of data characters with a finder pattern including a check digit between them
  • Right guard pattern (narrow space, narrow bar)
  • Right pair of data characters with a finder pattern in between including a check digit

The first digit serves as a flag that determines whether this barcode is a part of a composite barcode. The following 13 digits are intended to store information.
The input message is divided into four segments placed between two finder patterns. Data characters in the left pair of characters have a width of 16 modules per character (4 bars and 4 spaces in total). Data characters in the right pair are composed of 15 modules each (4 bars and 4 spaces overall); finder patterns have the same width with the difference that the first one includes 3 spaces and 2 bars, and the second one comprises 2 spaces and 3 bars. Quiet zones are not needed.

DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional

Barcodes have the following structure:

  • Top row composed of the left half of a DataBar Omnidirectional barcode (left finder pattern, the first character, a finder pattern, the second character) combined with a finder pattern of a bar and a space
  • Separator pattern
  • Bottom row comprising a finder pattern and the right half of the code (the fourth character, a finder pattern, the third character, the right guard pattern)

Quiet zones are not necessary.

Size Dimensions

Each DataBar Omnidirectional barcode is composed of 46 bars and spaces including 96 modules in total. To enable omnidirectional readability, DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional must have the height of each row of at least 33 modules, and the height of the separator pattern must be at least 3 modules.

Encoding Capacity and Data Density

These barcode types can be used to encode 14-digit numerical data streams.

Checksum Controls

Check digits that are computed based on the modulo 79 algorithm are included in finder patterns.

Advantages and Limitations

Such barcodes can be scanned omnidirectionally.

How to Generate and Read DataBar Omnidirectional / Omnidirectional Stacked

DataBar Omnidirectional Generation

DataBar Omnidirectional Recognition

DataBar Omnidirectional Stacked Generation

DataBar Omnidirectional Stacked Recognition