Set Barcode Checksum Verification


Various 1D and postal types include checksum control mechanisms for data integrity verification. To adjust checksum settings for data validation purposes, class BarcodeSettings contains the ChecksumValidation enum. Generally, barcode types can be classified according to the following types: with obligatory checksum controls and with optional ones. The ChecksumValidation enum suggests different options for these two groups. The barcode recognition procedure varies in line with checksum settings.

Checksum Validation for Barcodes with Obligatory Checksum

Barcoded types with obligatory checksum controls require performing compulsive checksum validation when ChecksumValidation is initialized using ChecksumValidation.DEFAULT or ChecksumValidation.ON values. Alternatively, setting the ChecksumValidation.Off value turns off checksum verification and in this way, allows decoding information from invalid barcodes. This option increases the probability of incorrect recognition.

Checksum Validation for Barcodes with Optional Checksum

ChecksumValidation allows enabling and disabling checksum controls for barcode standards with optional checksum verification. To request checksum validation, the following setting should be used: ChecksumValidation.ON. When other options ChecksumValidation.DEFAULT and ChecksumValidation.OFF are enabled, checksum controls are disabled.