Generate Codablock-F Barcodes


Codablock-F is a stacked multiple-row barcode type that enables creating barcodes that include many Code 128 barcodes. This symbology allows encoding at most 2,725 digits and contains from 2 to 44 rows with from 4 to 62 characters. Codablock-F benefits from two principle differences compared with the basic Code 128 symbology. It provides flexible settings of barcode layout in terms of the number of rows and columns and thus allows organizing vertical and horizontal space more efficiently. Moreover, it contains two additional check digits (calculated using the modulo 86 algorithm) for a Codablock-F barcode besides obligatory checksum controls that are included in each row of Code 128 barcodes. Finally, Codablock-F can be detected using laser scanners.

Height Settings

Aspose.BarCode for PHP via Java allows developers to modify the height of each row in a stacked barcode through the setAspectRatio function of class CodablockParameters. AspectRatio is determined as a relative coefficient to XDimension. For Codablock-F barcodes, the value of AspectRatio should be set greater than 10.

Following barcode images have been created using various aspect ratio settings.

Aspect Ratio Is Set to 15 Is Set to 30

Layout Settings

To adjust the layout of a Codablock-F barcode in terms of the number of columns and rows, setColumns and setRows functions of class CodablockParameters can be used. The maximum values of columns and rows can be 62 and 44, respectively.

Barcode images provided below have been generated using different layout settings.

Layout Settings 4 Columns 4 Rows 6 Rows and 4 Columns