Swiss QR Code


Swiss QR Code has been created to automate payment digital operations in Switzerland. Currently, payment bills and receipts issued there need to be marked with a Swiss QR Code that stores the details about transactions. Unlike usual QR Codes, Swiss QR Codes have the Swiss cross sign in the center.

The Swiss QR Code standard has been introduced to work with QR bills in electronic payments. A Swiss QR Code contains all necessary payment information required to execute payments or process a QR invoice. Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET includes SwissQRBill and SwissQRCodetext classes to work with Swiss QR codes.

General rules for creating Swiss QR Codes and payment documents are described in the “Swiss Implementation Guidelines for the QR-bill” standard that relies on the ISO 20022 standard.

Generate Swiss QR Codes

To generate a Swiss QR Code, it is necessary to create an instance of ComplexBarcodeGenerator and enter input data into SwissQRCodetext.

Read Swiss QR Codes

Class ComplexCodetextReader is used to extract input data from different complex barcode types, in this case, Swiss QR Code. To decode Swiss QR Codes, first, it is necessary to create an instance of class BarCodeReader and set it to the value DecodeType.QR. then, the decoded data needs to be parsed using class ComplexCodetextReader by calling the try_decode_swiss_qr(encoded_codetext) method that returns an instance of SwissQRCodetext with the decoded information.