SwissQRBill class

SwissQR bill data

The SwissQRBill type exposes the following members:


Name Description
version Gets or sets the version of the SwissQR bill standard.
amount Gets or sets the payment amount.

Valid values are between 0.01 and 999,999,999.99.
currency Gets or sets the payment currency.

Valid values are “CHF” and “EUR”.
account Gets or sets the creditor’s account number.

Account numbers must be valid IBANs of a bank of Switzerland or
Liechtenstein. Spaces are allowed in the account number.
creditor Gets or sets the creditor address.
reference Gets or sets the creditor payment reference.

The reference is mandatory for SwissQR IBANs, i.e.IBANs in the range
CHxx30000xxxxxx through CHxx31999xxxxx.

If specified, the reference must be either a valid SwissQR reference
(corresponding to ISR reference form) or a valid creditor reference
according to ISO 11649 (“RFxxxx”). Both may contain spaces for formatting.
debtor Gets or sets the debtor address.

The debtor is optional. If it is omitted, both setting this field to
unstructured_message Gets or sets the additional unstructured message.
bill_information Gets or sets the additional structured bill information.
alternative_schemes Gets ors sets the alternative payment schemes.

A maximum of two schemes with parameters are allowed.


Name Description
create_and_set_creditor_reference(raw_reference) Creates and sets a ISO11649 creditor reference from a raw string by prefixing
the String with “RF” and the modulo 97 checksum.

Whitespace is removed from the reference
equals(other) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.

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