Hello World

Aspose.Cells - Hello World

PHP で Aspose.Cells for Java を使用してスプレッドシート ドキュメントに何かを書き込むには、HelloWorld モジュールを呼び出すだけです。

PHP コード

 # Instantiating a Workbook object that represents a Microsoft Excel file.

$workbook = new Workbook();

\# Note when you create a new workbook, a default worksheet,

\# "Sheet1", is by default added to the workbook.

\# Accessing the first worksheet in the book ("Sheet1").

$sheet = $workbook->getWorksheets()->get(0);

\# Access cell "A1" in the sheet.

$cell = $sheet->getCells()->get("A1");

\# Input the "Hello World!" text into the "A1" cell

$cell->setValue("Hello World!");

\# Saving the modified Excel file in default (that is Excel 2003) format

$file_format_type = new FileFormatType();

$workbook.save($data_dir . "HelloWorld.xls", $file_format_type->EXCEL_97_TO_2003);

print "Document has been saved, please check the output file.";


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