Spreadsheet Editor Getting Started

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Html5 Spreadsheet Editor is a web application that can view and edit spreadsheet documents in a web browser. It supports Excel, SpreadsheetML, CVS, OpenDocument and many other formats supported by Microsoft Excel. All basic features including cell editing, formatting, formula editing, row and column management etc. are supported.


HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor uses many features of Aspose.Cells for Java and shows how to use them to create, manipulate and render a spreadsheet in your Java application.


  • Working with Files
    • Supported Formats
    • Open local files
    • Open from Dropbox
    • Open from URL
    • Create a new Spreadsheet
    • Export to various formats
  • Working with Sheets
    • Add and Remove sheets
    • Rename sheets
    • Switch between sheets
  • Working with Rows and Columns
    • Add a Row
    • Add a Column
    • Remove a Row
    • Remove a Column
    • Column Width and Row Height
  • Working with Cells
    • Selecting a cell
    • Editing a cell
    • Editing Formula
    • Cell alignment
    • Clear Cell
    • Add a cell
    • Remove a cell
  • Working with Text formatting
    • Bold, italic, underline
    • Font style and size
    • Clear formatting

System Requirements

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements vary based upon the Java application server we choose to deploy HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor and the number of spreadsheets we open simultaneously. Following is an estimate, which will help initially setup the environment.

  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 MB Disk

Download and Installation

HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is a Java EE application and can be deployed to any Java application server web profile with CDI support. It has been tested with Glassfish.

Source Code

The project source is available at Github. We are also maintaining Git mirrors at the following sites:

Use one of the following commands to download the source code via command line:


 git clone https://github.com/aspose-cells/Aspose.Cells-for-Java.git


 git clone https://bitbucket.org/asposeshowcase/html5_spreadsheet_editor_by_aspose.cells_for_java.git

Google Code

 git clone https://code.google.com/p/html5-spreadsheet-editor/


 git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/html5-spreadsheet-editor/code html5-spreadsheet-editor-code

Build using Maven

The project build process is managed using Maven. So you can prepare a WAR file from command line without any IDE. Use the following command to generate a WAR for deployment. The documentation of corresponding application server will help you how to deploy the generated WAR and its dependencies.

 mvn clean install

Using NetBeans

It is very easy to manage the project using NetBeans IDE. NetBeans is one the popular IDEs among Java developers and is sponsored by Oracle.

  • Download the project source code.
  • Open the project in NetBeans IDE.
  • Click Run button on toolbar.
  • Select Glassfish server as Application Server.

Using Eclipse

Eclipse IDE provides official integration to import Maven projects called M2Eclipse:

  1. Install M2Eclipse in your Eclipse IDE. The installation procedure is described on their website.
  2. Download the project source code.
  3. Open the Import dialog from File menu.
  4. Select Maven Project from import dialog.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Browse to select the location of source code.
  7. Select pom.xml from the list below.
  8. Click Finish.

The Eclipse IDE should import and load the project.


Bug report

To send a bug report, create a new issue at Github project page and apply the label bug.

Feature Request

We highly appreciate your feedback and the features you request. To request a new feature or enhancement in existing please create a new issue at Github project page and apply the label enhancement.

Questions and Help

You can ask all kind of question related to HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor using Github issue. Just create a new issue and apply the question label.

Aspose.Cells for Java Forums

Aspose product forums provide full support for both trial and paid customers. Experts are sitting 24/7 to provide help and answer queries. Visit product forums here.

Aspose Blogs

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HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is an open source project which allows maximum options for everyone to contribute to the project.

Source Code

The project source is available at Github. We are also maintaining Git mirrors at the following sites:

Pull Requests

To contribute source code to the project just send a pull request via Github. Read more information in Github’s article on Create a pull request.


MIT License

We are using one of the most liberal open source licenses for minimum liabilities on contributors. HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is released under MIT License.

Aspose License

The product works without Aspose license, with limitations. To remove limitations, you can acquire a free temporary license or buy full license.

By default, the editor will try to load Aspose.Total.Java.lic file from src/main/resources/com/aspose/spreadsheeteditor directory. Just copy the license file to this directory. The default behavior can be changed by editing the AsposeLicense class.