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Report fields

Set Name Formula Name Description
Global fields ExecutionTime The date and time when the report began to run.
  ReportServerUrl The URL of the report server on which the report is being run.
  ReportName The name of the report as it is stored in the report server database.
  ReportFolder The full path to the folder containing the report. This does not include the report server URL.
User UserID The ID of the user running the report.
  Language The language ID of the user running the report.
Report fields
Set Name Description
Parameters The Parameters collection contains the report parameters within the report. Parameters can be passed to queries, used in filters or used in other functions that alter the report appearance based on the parameter.
Fields The Fields collection contains the fields within the current dataset.
Arithmetic operators are used to combine numbers, numeric variables, numeric fields and numeric functions to get another number. Comparison operators are usually used to compare operands for a condition in a control structure such as an If statement. Boolean operators are typically used with comparison operators to generate conditions for control structures.
Set Name Formula name Description
Arithmetic ^ Exponentiation, for example 2^3.
  * Multiplication, for example 2*3.
  / Division, for example 2/3.
  \\ Integer division, for example 2\\3.
  Mod Modulus, for example 4 Mod 3.
  + Addition, for example 4 + 3.
  - Subtraction, for example 4 – 3.
Comparison < Less than, for example 4 < 3 false.
  <= Less than or equal, for example 4 <= 3 false.
  > Greater than, for example 4 > 3 true.
  >= Greater than or equal, for example 4 >= 3 true.
  = Equal, for example 4 = 3 false.
  <> Not equal, for example 4 <> 3 true.
  Like Compares a string against a pattern. For example result = string Like pattern.
  Is Compares two object reference variables, for example asp Is aspose.
Concatenation & Generates a string concatenation of two expressions.
  + Adds two numbers or returns the positive value of a numeric expression. Can also be used to concatenate two string expressions.
Logical/Bitwise And Performs a logical conjunction on two Boolean expressions, or a bitwise conjunction on two numeric expressions.
  Not Performs logical negation on a Boolean expression, or bitwise negation on a numeric expression.
  Or Performs a logical disjunction on two Boolean expressions, or a bitwise disjunction on two numeric expressions.
  Xor Performs a logical exclusion on two Boolean expressions, or a bitwise exclusion on two numeric expressions.
  AndAlso Performs short-circuiting logical conjunction on two expressions.
  OrElse Performs short-circuiting inclusive logical disjunction on two expressions.
Bit Shift » Performs an arithmetic left shift on a bit pattern.
  « Performs an arithmetic right shift on a bit pattern.