Features Overview

Aspose.Email for Android via Java is divided into several separate components, each with particular features. Here is a list of the features for each of the main packages.


General Email Features

  • Create emails containing plain text
  • Create emails containing HTML
  • Create alternative message bodies for compatibility with both HTML and non-HTML supported email clients
  • Connect with any SMTP server at a specified port
  • Send emails through any SMTP server
  • Connect to SSL enabled SMTP server
  • Connect to TLS based SMTP server

Attachment Features

  • Add attachments to emails
  • Remove attachments from emails
  • Create attachments from file paths
  • Create attachments from streams
  • Create attachments from byte arrays

Embedded Object Features

  • Embed objects (like images, sounds and so on) in your emails
  • Remove embedded objects from your emails
  • Embed objects from file paths
  • Embed objects from streams
  • Embed objects from byte arrays

Import/Export Features

  • Import Microsoft Outlook Email Message Format (MSG) emails.
  • Import Microsoft HTML (MHT) emails
  • Import RFC822 compliant message format (EML) emails
  • Create emails from HTML contents
  • Export emails to Microsoft HTML format (MHT)
  • Export emails to RFC822 compliant message format (EML)
  • Export emails from an Outlook PST file to Outlook MSG files

Bulk Mail Features

  • Supports sending emails in batches
  • Built-in multi-threading feature for sending bulk emails
  • Supports saving bulk email messages in a message pool

Mail Merge Features

  • Template-based mail merge using different data sources
  • Supports DataTable as data source
  • Supports DataRowCollection as data source
  • Supports DataReader as data source
  • Create email template from file
  • Create email template from a¬†MailMessage¬†instance
  • Perform row-wise mail merge for generating email messages

Calendar Features

  • Add iCalender events to email messages.
  • Cancel iCalendar events.
  • Send meeting requests by email.
  • Send appointment requests by email.

Event Handling Features

  • Supports a variety of useful events to provide more control.
  • Perform actions when all bulk emails are sent.
  • Perform actions when a message is about to send.
  • Get notified through an event when an email is completely sent.

Utility Features

  • Customize email headers.
  • Set message priority, date and time.
  • Supports all character sets.
  • Request read receipts.

Advanced Features

  • Asynchronous and synchronous programming models.
  • Supports parsing emails in MSG, MHT and EML formats.
  • Supports saving emails to MSG, MHT and EML formats.
  • Extract attachments from Microsoft Outlook Email Message (MSG) files.
  • Read messages from Outlook PST files.
  • Supports backup SMTP connection.
  • Specify the number of attempts for SMTP connections.


General Parsing Features

  • Extract email headers and message bodies.
  • Retrieve names and values from email headers.
  • Retrieve From, To, Cc and Reply-To addresses.
  • Retrieve and save attachments.
  • Retrieve and save embedded objects like images and sounds.

Import/Export Features

  • Import Microsoft Outlook Email Message format (MSG) emails.
  • Import Microsoft HTML Format (MHT) emails.
  • Import RFC822 compliant message format (EML) emails.
  • Export emails to Microsoft HTML format (MHT).
  • Export emails to RFC822 compliant message format (EML).

Utility Features

  • Supports multiple headers.
  • Supports multiple parts.
  • Supports all character Sets.
  • Retrieve meta data such as contentType, MimeVersion and XMailer.

Advance Parsing Features

  • Load and parse emails in MSG, MHT and EML formats.


Validation Features

  • Validate email addresses.
  • Supports email syntax validation.
  • Supports email domain validation.
  • Supports mail server validation.
  • Supports MX records validation.
  • Asynchronous validation.
  • Flexible validation results.

Utility Features

  • Specify DNS servers.* Set request timeout.


  • Easily and reliably calculate occurrence dates and times for even the most complex recurrence patterns.
  • Consume and produce recurrence patterns in the iCalendar (RFC 2445) format.
  • Create recurrence patterns programmatically via an intuitive object model.
  • Use yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minutely and secondly recurrence patterns.
  • Represent recurrence patterns in your windows, web or a mobile application.

PST/OST Files Support

  • Support for Personal and Offline Storage files
  • Generate and read OST, PST files
  • Supports PST file of all types
  • All OST types supported for reading