Evaluate Aspose.Email

Evaluation Version Limitations

Evaluation version of Aspose.Email (without a license specified) provides full product functionality except that a few components - Aspose.Email.Mail, Aspose.Email.Pop3, Aspose.Email.Ftp and Aspose.Email.Imap contain evaluation limitations:

  • License.txt file is added to message files saved using Aspose.Email.
  • Only 50 emails can be extracted from a folder in a PST file.
  • Only 3 attachments as well as inline images can be extracted from an MSG file.
  • The max number of processed attacments in CFB format is 1.
  • The max number of processed recipients in CFB format is 1.
  • Adds “Evaluation Message” to the subject when saving to CFB, EML or MSG formats.
  • End date can’t be later then 31-12-2004 in the GenerateOccurrences method of a recurrence pattern. This allows you to test the product meaningfully, yet makes it impossible to use in a production application. For example, you can create a pattern such as “start on January 1, 2000 and repeat every last working day of a month” and generate occurrences for it. Occurrences after December 31, 2004 will not be generated in the evaluation mode
  • Only 1 file is extracted from given MSO stream by the InlineAttachmentExtractor.EnumerateMsoPackage method

Evaluation marks embedded in saved message