Filter Messages from Exchange Mailbox using WebDav

Filter Messages using Web Dav

To get filtered messages from a mailbox:

  1. Connect to Exchange server.
  2. Create an instance of MailQuery and set the desired properties.
  3. Call the ExchangeClient.listMessages(MailQuery query) method and pass the MailQuery in the parameters to get the filtered messages only.

The code examples below show how to connect to an Exchange mailbox and get messages that have the string “Newsletter” in the subject and were sent today.

Get Messages that Meet Specific Criteria

The code samples above filters messages based on the email subject and date. We can filter on other properties too. Below are some examples of setting the conditions using MailQuery.

Code Samples: Today’s Date

Code Samples: Date Range

Code Samples: Specific Sender

Code Samples: Specific Domain

Code Samples: Specific Recipient

Code Samples: By MessageID

Building Complex Queries

If different QueryBuilder properties are set in separate statement, all the conditions are matched. For example,to get a message in a particular date range and from a specific host, write three statements:

Code Samples: Combining Queries with AND

Code Samples: Combining Queries with OR

QueryBuilder provides the Or() method which takes two MailQuery instances as parameters. It gets messages that match any of the two conditions specified. The example below filters messages that either has the word “test” in the subject or “” as the sender.

Case-Sensitive Email Filtering

Emails can be filtered based on case-sensitivity by specifying the IgnoreCase flag in the filter criteria as shown in the following example.