How to Ignore Exceptions

Ignore Exception Support

ExceptionManager class provide ignore exceptions ability:

Code examples:

Set a callback to handle exceptions:

ExceptionManager.setIgnoreExceptionsHandler(new IgnoreExceptionsCallback() {
    //exception path: {Module}\{Method}\{Action}\{GUID}
    //example: MailMessage\Load\DecodeTnefAttachment\64149867-679e-4645-9af0-d46566cae598
    public boolean invoke(AsposeException ex, String path) {
        //Ignore all exceptions on MailMessage.Load
        return path.equals("MailMessage\\Load");

Or use an alternative:

//Ignore all exceptions

Also, you can set a callback for ignored exceptions log:

ExceptionManager.setIgnoreExceptionsLogHandler(new IgnoreExceptionsLogCallback() {
    public void invoke(String message) {
        System.out.println("=== EXCEPTION IGNORED === " + message);

The user will be notified, that the exception can be ignored by an error message. For example:

Exceptioin message:

AsposeArgumentException: properties should not be empty.
If you want to ignore an exception and want to proceed further then you can use:
Invalid TNEF Attachment will be interpreted as regular attachment.