Working with Outlook Tasks

Creating, Saving and Reading Outlook Tasks

Aspose.Email for Java allows developers to create Outlook tasks and save them as MSG format. The MapiTask class provides a number of properties such as PercentComplete, EstimatedEffort, ActualEffort, History, LastUpdate, etc., to accommodate and set information required for an Outlook task. This article shows how to create, save and read a MapiTask from disk.

Create and Save a MapiTask

The following steps can be used to create and save a Task to disk.

  1. Instantiate a new object of the MapiTask class.
  2. Enter information for the task’s various properties.
  3. Save the task to disk in MSG format.

Read a MapiTask

The MapiTask class object is used to cast the MapiMessage object that loads a task from the disk in MSG format.

Read a VToDo Task

Google Tasks exported in iCalendar format as VToDo events can be loaded using the MapiTask class as shown in the following code sample.

Add Reminder Information to a MapiTask

Similar to Microsoft Outlook, Aspose.Email can add reminder information to a MapiTask. The following code snippet shows you how to adding reminder information to a MapiTask.

Add Attachment to a MapiTask

The following code snippet shows you how to add attachments to a MapiTask.

Converting Outlook Task to MHT

Aspose.Email can generate MapiMessage like output during the conversion of a MapiTask to MHT.