Working with Tasks on Exchange Server

Process Exchange Tasks

The following examples show how to use the EWSClient class to retrieve tasks on Exchange.

Create a new Task on Exchange

Specify Timezone for Exchange Task

The IEWSClient interface and ExchangeTask provide the TimeZoneId property for setting timezone information when creating a task.

Update Task on Exchange

The following code snippets show how to update a task on an Exchange server.

Delete Task on Exchange

The code snippets below show how to delete a task on an Exchange server.

Send Task Request

Aspose.Email Exchange service provides the capability to send task requests similar to Outlook. The following code sample demonstrates how to load a task request message from the disc and send it using the IEWSClient.

Save Exchange Task to Disc

Aspose.Email also allows saving Exchange Tasks to disc in Outlook MSG format.

Listing Tasks from Exchange Server

IEWSClient provides the listTasks method that can be used to fetch tasks from an Exchange Web Service. It has several overloads that can be used to retrieve a list of tasks from a specific folder or using some search criteria. The below code sample illustrates getting all or specific tasks from the Tasks folder.

Filtering Tasks from Mailbox

Aspose.Email provides the capability to retrieve specific tasks from the server instead of retrieving all tasks from the server. The API can be used to retrieve tasks by task’s status such as Completed, Deferred, In Progress, Not started or Waiting on others. The ExchangeQueryBuilder class can be used to specify the desired criterion utilizing the getTaskStatus() method. It also allows specifying multiple conditions for retrieving desired tasks from Exchange Server. This is demonstrated by the following code sample.