Installing Aspose.Email for SharePoint License

Installing the License from WSP solution

In the instructions below, paths are omitted for clarity. You may need to add the actual path to stsadm.exe and/or solution file when executing them.

To install the Aspose.Email license:

  1. Run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.
  2. Run stsadm to add the solution to the SharePoint solution:

 stsadm.exe \-o addsolution \-filename Aspose.Email.SharePoint.License.wsp

  1. Deploy the solution to all servers in the farm:

  stsadm.exe \-o deploysolution \-name Aspose.Email.SharePoint.License.wsp \-immediate --force

  1. Execute administrative timer jobs to complete the deployment immediately:

 stsadm.exe \-o execadmsvcjobs

If the Windows SharePoint Services Administration service has not been started when you deploy the license, an error is shown. Stsadm.exe relies on this service and Windows SharePoint Timer Service to replicate solution data across the farm. If these services are not running on your server farm, you may need to deploy the license on each server.


Installing the License from LIC file

In order to install the license from Lic file, you need to place the license file in the Aspose.Network.SharePoint.License folder as follow:

InstalledDrive\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Template\Features\Aspose.Network.SharePoint.License

The following License names are recognized by Aspose.Email for Sharepoint API:

  1. Aspose.Network Product Family.lic
  2. Aspose.Email.SharePoint.lic
  3. Aspose.Email Product Family.lic
  4. Aspose.Total for Sharepoint.lic
  5. Aspose.Total Product Family.lic