Call setLicense

To apply a license:

Save the license file to a folder on your disk. For example C:\Lic\Aspose.Imaging.JasperReport.lic. Call the License.setLicense(filename) method and pass the file name as an argument. When this statement is called, the license is set and the evaluation message will no longer appears on top of the images. The following code snippet sets the license for Aspose.Imaging for JasperReports.

// Set license

License lic = new License();


Set the license Exporter Parameter in applicationContext.xm

  1. Download the license to your computer and copy it to the \apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver\WEB-INF folder, where stands for the JasperServer installation directory.
  2. Locate the \apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver\WEB-INF\applicationContext.xml file and add the following lines:
    <bean id="jpgExportParameters" class="com.aspose.imaging.jasperreports.export.jpg.ASJpegExportParametersBean">
        <property name="license" value="C:\jasperserver-7.6\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver\WEB-INFAspose.Imaging.JasperReports.lic"/>