Convert OneNote to Html

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Html is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. It defines the structure of web page content. The markup specifies how web browsers should display a text/images/tables/etc on the web page. Beside Html technologies like CSS and JavaScript are widely used. CSS is responsible for page’s appearance/presentation and JavaScript allows to add various functionality.

A lot of user devices are capable of processing Html by using Web browsers like Chrome/Safary/Opera/etc. It allows freely distribute and share Html content to any platform without cost.

Using Microsoft OneNote desktop app you can export your notes to MHtml format:

  1. Select pages you want to export by holding Ctrl + mouse right-click
  2. Choose File -> Export
  3. Under ‘Export Current’ choose what to export
  4. Under ‘Select Format’ choose option for Single File Web Page format
  5. Press export and specify destination file name

All selected content will be saved to specified file.

Aspose.Note fills this gap and supports export to PDF with a set of useful settings. Using latest version of Aspose.Note you can:

  1. Specify any range of pages to be saved.
  2. Handle absent fonts.
  3. Control how resources like fonts/images/css are saved.

Aspose.Note for .NET offers the Document class that represents a OneNote document. The Document class exposes the Save method that can be called to convert a OneNote document into a Html document. The HtmlSaveOptions class allows to specify additional settings for saving operation.

Convert OneNote to Html

Basic samples of how to convert OneNote to Html Convert of OneNote to PDF with replacing of missing fonts

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