Multithreading support

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Aspose.OCR for C++ allows you to specify the number of threads used by the recognition engine. With it, you can balance performance and reserve some resources for other parallel processes such as image processing, background data analysis, and the like.

To set the number of threads (CPU cores) used by the OCR engine, use asposeocr_set_allowed_thread_number() function. By default, recognition is be performed on the application’s main thread.

// Use 8 threads for OCR
// Provide images
string file = "page1.png";
AsposeOCRInput source1;
source1.url = file.c_str();
string file = "page2.png";
AsposeOCRInput source2;
source2.url = file.c_str();
std::vector<AsposeOCRInput> content = { source1, source2 };
// Fine-tune recognition
RecognitionSettings settings;
settings.language_alphabet = language::ukr;
// Extract text from the image
auto result = asposeocr_recognize(, content.size(), settings);
// Output the recognized text
wchar_t* buffer = asposeocr_serialize_result(result, buffer_size, export_format::text);
std::wcout << std::wstring(buffer) << std::endl;
// Release the resources

To get the number of threads used by the recognition engine, use asposeocr_get_allowed_thread_number() function.