Product overview

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is the key element of the digital transformation. It uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to automatically recognize text in a photo or scanned image instead of manually retyping documents.

Aspose.OCR for C++ can help you get the best results with the least cost and effort. With just a few lines of code, you can create full-featured on-premise and web-based applications that convert images to text without having to worry about complicated technical details.

Aspose.OCR can be combined with other Aspose products, such as Aspose C++ PDF Parser API and Aspose C++ PowerPoint API to create end-to-end optical recognition solutions.

Why Aspose.OCR?

  • State-of-art optical character recognition engine with superior recognition speed and accuracy designed by Aspose engineering team.
  • Can be used to build cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and web.
  • Supports 27 languages based on Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, and Indic scripts.
  • Detects and recognizes all popular typefaces such as Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Tahoma, Calibri and more in regular, bold and italic styles.
  • Process rotated, skewed and noisy images. Various built-in filters for image pre-processing.
  • Supports all image formats you can get from a scanner or camera as well as web links.
  • Batch recognition of all images in a folder or archive.
  • Recognizes the whole image or selected areas only; identifies words, lines or paragraphs.
  • Recognition results are returned in the most popular document and data exchange formats: plain text, PDF, Word, RTF, Excel, JSON, XML.
  • Full compatibility with other Aspose products - build solutions of any complexity using familiar concepts with minimal code.