Supported file formats

Recognized image formats

Aspose.OCR for C++ can recognize any file you get from a scanner or camera:

Extension Details
.JPG JPEG, the most popular format for smartphone photos
.PNG Portable Network Graphics, 24-bit with transparency
.TIFF or .TIF Single-page and multi-page images, commonly used for high quality scanning
.BMP Bitmap image file
.PDF Scanned pages in Portable Document Format

Recognition results

Recognition results are returned in the most popular document and data exchange formats:

Format Details
.TXT Plain text
.DOCX Microsoft Word document
.RTF A universal format for exchanging rich text documents between different word processing programs
.XLSX Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.PDF Portable Document Format
JSON A popular open-standard format, widely used in software development and data exchange
XML Extensible Markup Language, a universal format for most systems