Aspose.OCR for Java APIs are hosted on the Maven repository or can be installed from the local package.

Installing Aspose.OCR for Java from Maven Repository

  1. Download and install Apache Maven.
  2. Run the following command to create a project:
mvn archetype:generate -DartifactId=my-app -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-quickstart -DarchetypeVersion=1.4 -DinteractiveMode=false
  1. Specify Aspose Maven Repository location in your Maven pom.xml:
        <name>Aspose Java API</name>
  1. Define Aspose.OCR for Java API dependency in your pom.xml:

Standard (CPU-based) version:


GPU-accelerated version:


Installing Aspose.OCR for Java local package

  1. Download Aspose.OCR for Java package (ZIP archive).
  2. Extract the package to your development machine.
  3. JAR files and the configuration are located in /com/aspose/aspose-ocr/[version] (for CPU-based version) or /com/aspose/aspose-ocr-gpu/[version] (for GPU-accelerated version).