Supported file formats

Recognized image formats

Aspose.OCR for Java can recognize any file you get from a scanner or camera:

Extension Details
.PDF Portable Document Format, a versatile standardized format for multi-page documents
.JPG JPEG, the most popular format for smartphone photos
.PNG Portable Network Graphics, 24-bit with transparency
.TIFF or .TIF Single-page and multi-page images, commonly used for high quality scanning
.GIF Graphics Interchange Format, limited to 256 colors
.BMP Bitmap image file
.WBMP A monochrome graphics file optimized for mobile devices

Recognition results

Recognition results are returned in the most popular document and data exchange formats:

Format Details
.TXT Plain text
.HTML Web page
.RTF A universal format for exchanging rich text documents between different word processing programs
.DOCX Microsoft Word document
.XLSX Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.PDF Portable Document Format
.EPUB Popular e-book file format
JSON A popular open-standard format, widely used in software development and data exchange
XML Extensible Markup Language, a universal format for most systems