Logging recognition events

Aspose.OCR for Python via .NET can show recognition progress in the console or log it to a file. The logging is activated with a static Logging class. You can use the following properties to activate logging and specify its parameters:

Property Description
console Set to true to enable the display of recognition progress in the console.
file_system Set to true to write recognition progress to a file specified in log_file_path property.
log_file_path Specify an absolute or relative path to the log file. Applicable only when the file_system property is set to true.
logging_level Specify the log severity. See Log severity levels for details.

Log severity levels

You can configure the log severity by specifying one of the following values in logging_level property:

Severity Value Description
LoggingLevel.ERROR 2 Error events of considerable importance that will affect normal program execution.
LoggingLevel.WARNING 1 Potentially harmful situations that might still allow the application to continue running.
LoggingLevel.DEBUG 0 Detailed trace messages useful for application developers.
LoggingLevel.NONE 3 No logging. Works the same as turning off logging with console and file_system parameters.