Free mobile answer sheet builder and scanner

Aspose.OMR is an essential app for any teacher that turns your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad into an optical reader / scoring machine for creating and grading multiple choice paper tests (answer sheets). Forget tedious and error-prone manual scoring or waiting for a Scantron device - simply take a photo of a completed answer sheet in class and instantly get a result that can be imported into a student database.

The app is suitable for any test or assessment - from a quick quiz to a final exam. The design and layout of answer sheets created by the app is fully customizable. The app automatically aligns all responses to fit the page perfectly and creates a printable form without design tools and writing a line of code. The machine-readable form is fully compatible with Aspose Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology and can be reused in desktop or web applications.

System requirements

The app can run on almost any modern mobile platform:

  • Android 5 Lollipop or newer versions (API Level 21)
  • iOS 12 and later


The app can be installed from:

General FAQ

Are there any special CPU or memory requirements for the app?

No. All resource intensive tasks are handled by Aspose cloud servers. This allows Aspose.OMR to work even on entry-level and older smartphones.

Can the app work offline?

No. The application uses Aspose.OMR Cloud to create answer sheets and recognize completed forms. Standard mobile data rates may apply.

Do you collect or share the data?

No. We respect your privacy - no data that could potentially identify you is stored or shared with third parties. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for details.

Are there any limitations?

No. Our app is 100% free, without restrictions, built-in ads, or hidden payments. Use it for as long as you need.

Creating answer sheets

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Recognizing answer sheets

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