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Aspose.OMR for .NET is an easy-to-use, versatile, and cost-effective API for designing, rendering and recognizing hand-filled answer sheets, surveys, applications, and similar forms. With it, you can quickly develop on-premise and web-based .NET software for optical mark recognition (OMR) that work without dedicated scanners, transoptic paper or special ink. Respondents can fill out your forms with a pen or pencil and use any type of marks - artificial intelligence and advanced accuracy calibration ensure reliable results.

Aspose.OMR for .NET library can recognize scanned images or even smartphone photos in the most popular formats: JPG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, BMP or GIF. Results are returned as CSV, XML or JSON, which allows for importing them into the database, CRM or analysis system of your choice.

In addition to form recognition, Aspose.OMR for .NET can generate professional print forms, from examination papers to customer satisfaction surveys and election ballots. A highly flexible markup language allows you to combine various elements that best suit your purpose and target audience. You can further personalize OMR forms by adding logos, barcodes, QR codes, or images.

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