Answer sheet

This element generates a numbered matrix of bubbles onto which the answers to the supplemental assessment questions must be marked. Bubbles can be arranged in multiple columns to make more efficient use of space.

It is best suited for exam papers where you want to fit the maximum number of answers on a single page. If you want to place questions on the same sheet, use question markup element.


The element is declared with ?answer_sheet=[name] statement. This statement must be placed on a separate line.

name property is used as an element’s identifier in recognition results and as a reminder of the element’s purpose in template source; for example, “Biology Quiz”. The name is not displayed on the form.


An attribute is written as [attribute_name]=[value]. Each attribute must be placed on a new line immediately after the opening ?answer_sheet= statement or another attribute, and must begin with a tab character.


Specify the number of exam questions that the answer sheet corresponds to in the elements_count attribute. Each question will correspond to a numbered line with multiple answer bubbles.

For example, elements_count=100.


The answer_sheet element can be customized by adding optional attributes to it.

Attribute Default value Description Usage example
columns_count 4 The number of columns to arrange lines into. Use multiple columns to make the answer sheet more compact. columns_count=3
answers_count 4 The total number of bubbles (answers) for each question.
You can only set the same number of answers for all questions. If the number of answers is different for each section of the exam, use multiple answer_sheet elements.
start_id Automatic The number of the first line used as a base for further numbering.
If omitted, the number will be calculated based on the numbering of previous elements.


?text=Biology Quiz

answer_sheet example