Working with XMP Metadata in EPS files | .NET

What is XMP?

XMP or abbreviated Extensible Metadata Platform is a standard for embedding metadata properties in media files. It was introduced in 2001 by Adobe Systems Inc. So XMP is used mainly in Adobe applications and files created by these applications. Using XMP allowed optimizing of media files storage, making easy a selection of definite one`s by some properties. In fact, XMP-like data injection in media files has created the necessary basis for the organization of the media file databases. XMP metadata is embedded in media files as pieces of XML code, called XMP packets.

Data that included into XMP packets.

What data are usually included in such packets? These are:

Also, XMP metadata can contain file history information: when created, when converted, when uploaded, etc.

There can be several XMP packets in a file: one is the main XMP packet for the given file and one XMP packet for every embedded media resource that also initially before embedding had XMP metadata. For example, a PostScript file that contains 3 embedded EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files can have 4 XMP packets.

XMP is an extensible platform as the name follows it. It means that all XMP metadata properties represented by XML elements and attributes belong to a specific XML namespace that is referenced either in a root element of an XMP packet or directly in an XML element. And we are free to add our own XML namespace in order to define our own necessary XMP properties.

Functionality for working with XMP data provided by Aspose.Page solution.

Usage of XMP allowed significantly improving business efficiency and therefore support for working with XMP metadata increases the competitiveness of applications. Aspose libraries and web applications are not exceptions. We offer you to try the XMP metadata feature for EPS files in our Metadata Editor web application.

Following XMP metadata working cases are possible with EPS files using Aspose.Page for .NET:

To see an example of the app that uses these APIs try this cross-platform application.

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