Installing Aspose.PDF for Java from Aspose Repository

Aspose hosts all Java APIs on Aspose Repository. You can easily use Aspose.PDF for Java API directly in your Maven Projects with simple configurations.

Specify Aspose Repository Configuration

First you need to specify Aspose Repository configuration / location in your Maven pom.xml as follows:




        <name>Aspose Java API</name>




Define Aspose.PDF for Java API Dependency

Then define Aspose.PDF for Java API dependency in your pom.xml as follows:








After performing above steps, Aspose.PDF for Java dependency will finally be defined in your Maven Project.

JDK 11 Compatibility and Usage Guideline

The API is optimized for Java 11 environment and all the tests and functionality works fine. However, for some classes you should add the external dependency to add classpath of the class: javax.xml.bind.annotation.adapters.HexBinaryAdapter, which was deleted from JRE.

For example: