Product Features

The following are Aspose.PSD’s core features:

  • Read PSD, PSB, AI file formats
  • Write PSD, PSB file formats
  • Perform graphics drawing
  • Process images
  • Convert between formats
  • Working with all types of Layers and Masks

Feature List

Photoshop file formats creation

  • PSD
  • PSB

Image Loading

  • PSD
  • PSB
  • AI

Raw Data Processing

  • PSD
  • PSB

PSD Compression

  • Rle
  • Uncompressed

Drawing Features

  • Large images
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Scale
  • Cache system
  • Custom user images
  • Read/Write Exif data
  • Dithering
  • Crop
  • Vector to raster export   
  • Brightness, contrast, gamma update
  • Xmp data support
  • Drawing and filling of basic shapes (Line, Polygon, Rectangle, Cubic Bézier, Curve, Arc, Ellipse, Pie, Path)
  • Clear
  • Clipping to rectangular region (Implemented clipping to image boundaries for existing drawing algorithms)
  • Matrix transformations (Matrix transformations are implemented partially, mostly for internal needs of drawing engine)

Layers and Mask Information Section

Supported Layers Types
Supported Mask Types

- Regular Layers

- Text Layers

- Group Layers

- Adjustment Layers

- Fill Layers

- Layer Raster Mask

- Layer Vector Mask

- Clipping Masks