Why not Adobe Photoshop SDK

Why not Adobe Photoshop SDK

There are several reasons why Aspose components are a better alternative to Adobe Photoshop SDK. The key points are described below. Also, be sure to visit the links at the end of this section.


You cannot find information security of Adobe Photoshop SDK

Aspose products are very secure. Aspose components run in the same user context as all ASP.NET applications, under the ASPNET user. Therefore, Aspose components do not pose a potential risk to vital system resources. Furthermore, when a PSD File is opened by an Aspose component, macros are not automatically run. Aspose components were built with the goal of allowing developers to create, manipulate and save PSD files. None of the risks associated with the Adobe Photoshop SDK are inherent to Aspose components.

Every release of Aspose.PSD is tested with SonarQube. We fix every vulnerability and security hot spot to provide the secure product for our customers.

If you have a requirement about using open-source .Net Core, we have .Net Standard version of Aspose.PSD.


Is it possible that after the exception when are you using Adobe Photoshop SDK you need to restart Adobe Photoshop?

Since Aspose components are packaged into a single DLL, there will never be a need to install any additional parts or pieces for them to function. Aspose components are utilized only by .NET applications and there is no portion of the component code designed to wait on a human response. Aspose components have been thoroughly tested. Aspose components are used by companies such as IBM, Hilton, Reader’s Digest, Bank of America and many more.


Aspose components are highly scalable and lightning fast. Adobe Photoshop has great features, but was it designed to be simultaneously used by hundreds and thousands of users? Aspose components are designed for just that. Our components are a true .NET solution and perform flawlessly whether on a single server powering a single application or on a load-balanced web farm powering an enterprise wide application.


When an application utilizes Adobe Photoshop SDK, a copy of Adobe Photoshop must be purchased for each machine that runs the application. There are many times that an application may need to create or manipulate an PSD file, but does not require the user to have Adobe Photoshop. Aspose offers a very cost effective, royalty free, redistribution license that will allow deployment to an unlimited number of users with no licensing worries.

When creating web-based applications it is important to know that Adobe Photoshop SDK are not priced nor licensed for server-side solutions (https://community.adobe.com/t5/licensing/photoshop-on-my-server/td-p/7520777?page=1); Adobe EULA forbids using Photoshop with modified UI or with access through web-site.

Pay particular attention to section 2.1.7, which covers server use cases. Specifically, prohibits “enabling web hosted workgroups or web hosted services available to the public.”

In the CC world, the CC Legal Terms of Use are simplified, and section 5.2 covers the server use case. 5.2.b disallows other people to access the software using your account information (which would be required since PS would reside on a computer and would be operating using your CC subscription for the benefit of others). 5.2.d disallows you to make a custom interface to the software such as a web interface that you would expose to your customer.

Aspose offers a very cost-effective solution for server-based applications.


Aspose components provide everything needed for managing PSD Files, such a Low-Level API manipulation, editing of Text Layers in PSD, Pixel-perfect ICC Profile Converting, Export of PSD to formats such Jpg, Png, Pdf, Bmp, Gif, Jpeg2000, support of Adjustment Layers, using custom graphics in PSD, ability to manipulate mask and layer data directly plus much, much more. Aspose.PSD provides entry-level capabilities to Export AI to other formats or to PDF. Aspose.PSD is designed with the philosophy of allowing developers to accomplish the greatest results with the least amount of work. Unlike Office automation, Aspose components provide many powerful, time-saving functions. Every component in the Aspose family offers its own set of unique, powerful features. Only Aspose.PSD can not only give you abilities to change PSD file structure but has powerful rendering features and support of the most combination of Color Mode / Bit Depth

The best part of purchasing an Aspose component or a component suite is having access to our development teams. Our development teams realize that if there is a feature that your company needs, more than likely other companies will need it as well. While not every feature request can be added, our teams try to be very open-minded and flexible when providing assistance. That mindset is what has helped Aspose components to become as powerful as they are. If there are additional features that you need from PSD Format, you can use Aspose PSD Forums to ask for them.


This article has covered the key points as to why Aspose.PSD is a better choice than any PSD SDK. All of the different Aspose components offer a risk-free, no-obligation evaluation version. We encourage you to take advantage of that evaluation in order to see what Aspose can do for your applications.