Export to XAML

Exporting Presentations to XAML

About XAML

XAML is a descriptive programming language that allows you to build or write user interfaces for apps, especially those that use WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), UWP (Universal Windows Platform), and Xamarin forms.

XAML, which is an XML-based language, is Microsoft’s variant for describing a GUI. You are likely to use a designer to work on XAML files most of the time, but you can still write and edit your GUI.

Exporting Presentations to XAML With Default Options

This C++ code shows you how to export a presentation to XAML with default settings:

auto pres = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"pres.pptx");

Exporting Presentations to XAML With Custom Options

You get to select options from the IXamlOptions interface that control the export process and determine how Aspose.Slides exports your presentation to XAML.

For example, if you want Aspose.Slides to add hidden slides from your presentation when exporting it to XAML, you can pass true to the set_ExportHiddenSlides() method. See this sample C++ code:

auto xamlOptions = System::MakeObject<XamlOptions>();

auto pres = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"pres.pptx");