Format Text using VSTO and Aspose.Slides for Java

Formatting Text

Both the VSTO and Aspose.Slides methods take the following steps:

  1. Open the source presentation.
  2. Access the first slide.
  3. Access the third text box.
  4. Change the formatting of the text in the third text box.
  5. Save the presentation to disk.

The screenshots below show the sample slide before and after the execution of the VSTO and Aspose.Slides for Java code.

The input presentation


VSTO Code Example

The code below shows how to reformat text on a slide using VSTO.

The text reformatted with VSTO


Aspose.Slides for Java Example

To format text with Aspose.Slides, add the font before formatting the text.

The output presentation created with Aspose.Slides