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Free Aspose.Slides Merger online web application allows to investigate how presentation merging functionality works. Try to merge PPT to PPT, PPT to PPTX, PPTX to ODP or others:


About Presentation Merge

Aspose.Slides provides a simple and effective interface to merge PPT, PPTX and ODP presentations. The API allows to merge PPT to PPT, PPTX to PPTX, PPTX to ODP or combine PowerPoint presentations in other ways. Both PowerPoint and OpenOffice do not allow to merge PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations straight away. Users are forced to do it manually, or use third-party solutions. With VBA it is possible to duplicate or copy slides into the same presentation. However, you can’t merge presentations or slides into a new presentation, or change merge process in a flexible way. Aspose.Slides merges presentations with all their shapes, styles, text formatting, comments, animations, smart arts, etc. with no quality and data loss.

With Aspose.Slides it is possible to merge whole presentations or specific slides, save the style of each presentation, or use one style for all merged presentations.

Presentation merging is implemented with AddClone methods of ISlideCollection interface, having several implementations of this method:

These methods can be used to merge slides of one or several presentations. Each Presentation object has a Slides collection, so you need to call AddClone method from the presentation you want to merge slides to. This gives you a lot of flexibility to: merge slides into existing presentation, merge slides into a new presentation, merge slides into several presentations at once, etc. It is even possible to merge Slide Master into other presentation, as instance.

AddClone method returns ISlide object with a clone of source slide, having modified (or not) styles and layouts. Each slide, returned by AddClone method is being added to the end of the merged presentation. The resulting slide is just the copy of the source slide. If you make any changes in the resulting slide - they will not affect the source slide.

The example how to merge several presentations of different types is given below. 

Merge Presentation

To merge presentation slides with their own styles, just pass slide object into AddClone (ISlide) method:


Merge Presentation with Slide Master

To merge presentation slides with a slide template of their styles and layouts - pass Slide Master into addClone (ISlide, IMasterSlide, Boolean) method.

Note, that Slide Layout of the Slide Master, that should be applied to slides, is choosed automatically. If there is no appropriate layout will be found, then layout of the source slide will be used. The allowCloneMissingLayout boolean parameter of AddClone method determines if the source layout can be used instead of not found layout. If allowCloneMissingLayout is true - source layout will be used instead of missed layout, otherwise PptxEditException will be thrown.

mergedPresentation.getSlides().addClone(slide, masterSlide, true);

If you want to define other Slide Layout, you should use addClone (ISlide, ILayoutSlide) method.

Merge Specific Slides of Presentation

To merge a specific slide of presentation, you just need to choose it by the slide index from source presentation and pass into addClone (ISlide) method:


Merge Presentation with Slide Layout

To merge presentation sides, applying a new slide layout to them - you should use addClone (ISlide, ILayoutSlide) method:

mergedPresentation.getSlides().addClone(presentation3.getSlides().get_Item(0), layoutSlide);

Merge Slide to Presentation Section

To merge presentation slide into a presentation section, it is possible to use addClone (ISlide, ISection). You need to pass slide object and the section to which you want to clone this slide. The slide will be added to the end of the section:

 mergedPresentation.getSlides().addClone(presentation3.getSlides().get_Item(0), section);

It is possible to ask questions, share ideas in the Aspose.Slides forum.

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