Conversion from PPT to PPTX format

Aspose.Slides unique feature that provide flexibility in version conversions without affecting work. SaveFormat is enumeration that can convert document in the extensions given below in table.

Member Name Value Description
HTML 13  
ODP 6  
PDF 1  
PDF Notes 12  
POTM 11  
POTX 10  
PPS 0  
PPSM 9  
PPSX 4  
PPT 0  
PPTM 7  
PPTX 3  
TIFF 5  
TiffNotes 14  
XPS 2  
Below is a code snippet that shows conversion from PPT to PPTX you can do it vice versa as well.

 string FilePath = @"..\..\..\Sample Files\";

string srcFileName = FilePath + "Conversion PPT to PPTX.ppt";

string destFileName = FilePath + "Conversion PPT to PPTX.pptx";

//Instantiate a Presentation object that represents a PPTX file

Presentation pres = new Presentation(srcFileName);

//Saving the PPTX presentation to PPTX format

pres.Save(destFileName, SaveFormat.Pptx);

Download Sample Code