Working with Size and Layout of Presentation

SlideSize.Type and SlideSize.Size are the properties of presentation class which could be set or get as shown below in the example.


 string FilePath = @"..\..\..\Sample Files\";

string FileName = FilePath + "Working With Size and Layout.pptx";

//Instantiate a Presentation object that represents a presentation file 

Presentation presentation = new Presentation(FileName);

Presentation auxPresentation = new Presentation();

ISlide slide = presentation.Slides[0];

//Set the slide size of generated presentations to that of source

auxPresentation.SlideSize.Type = presentation.SlideSize.Type;

auxPresentation.SlideSize.Size = presentation.SlideSize.Size;

auxPresentation.Slides.InsertClone(0, slide);


//Save Presentation to disk

auxPresentation.Save(FileName, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Pptx);

Download Sample Code

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