Configure environment

  1. Install PHP 7, add path to PHP to system PATH variable and set allow_url_include to On in php.ini file.
  2. Install JRE 8. Set the JAVA_HOME enviroment variable as a path to the installed JRE location.
  3. Install Apache Tomcat 8.0.

Download Aspose.Slides for PHP via Java

packagist is the easiest way to download Aspose.Slides for PHP via Java.

To install Aspose.Slides using Packagist, run this command: composer require aspose/slides

Configure Apache Tomcat

  1. Download PHP/Java Bridge ( from and extract JavaBridge.war file to tomcat webapps folder.
  2. Start Apache Tomcat service.
  3. Download “Aspose.Slides for PHP via Java” and extract it to aspose.slides folder. Copy jar/aspose-slides-x.x-php.jar file to webapps\JavaBridge\WEB-INF\lib folder. If you want to use php 8, replace the original from php-java bridge with from
  4. Restart Apache Tomcat service.
  5. Run example.php in aspose.slides folder to run the example with this command:
php example.php