Support, Extend and Contribute to Aspose.Total in Liferay


  • If you like to see known / reported issues (by the users or Q.A team) in the plugin.
  • Or you want to report any issue you found in the plugin
  • Have any improvement suggestion or like to make any feature request

Please follow plugin’s GitHub issues tracker:

Extend and Contribute

Aspose.Total Java for Liferay is open source and its source code is available on the major social coding websites listed below. Developers are encouraged to download the source code and contribute by suggesting or adding new feature or improving the existing ones, so that others could also benefit from it. Developers can also learn from it to make their own Liferay plugins.

How to configure source code of “Aspose.Total Java for Liferay plugin”

Below simple steps will smoothly lead to successful configuration of  “Aspose.Total Java for Liferay plugin” source code.

  1. Download and install Liferay IDE / Developers Studio from here
  2. Download / Clone the source code of the Aspose Java for Liferay plugin
  3. Choose File > Import > Liferay > Liferay Project from Existing Source…
  4. Browse to the latest project source that you have downloaded
  5. Select the Liferay Project you want to import
  6. Click Finish
  7. Aspose.Total Java for Lifera plugin code is now ready to enhance.